Monday, June 30, 2008


Today is Monday, June 30, the 182nd day of 2008 with 184 to follow.

The moon is waning. The morning stars are Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus. The evening stars are Venus, Mars and Saturn.

This Day in History, June 30
On June 30th, 188, Robert Louis Stevenson published his adventure novel "The Black Arrow."

Other Notable Events, June 30
In 1859, Frenchman Jean Francois Gravelet, known professionally as the Great Blondin, became the first daredevil to walk across Niagara Falls on a tight rope.

In 1870, Ada Kepley became the first woman to graduate from an accredited law school in the United States, Union College of Law in Chicago.

In 1908, a spectacular explosion occurred over central Siberia, probably caused by a meteorite. The fireball reportedly could be seen hundreds of miles away.

In 1923, jazz pioneer Sidney Bechet made his first recording. It included "Wild Cat Blues" and "Kansas City Blues."

In 1934, German leader Adolf Hitler ordered a bloody purge of his own political party, assassinating hundreds of Nazis whom he feared might become political enemies.

In 1936, Margaret Mitchell's Civil War novel "Gone With the Wind" was published.

In 1950, U.S. troops were moved from Japan to help defend South Korea against the invading North Koreans.

In 1982, the extended deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment expired, three states short of the 38 needed for passage.

In 1971, three Soviet Cosmonauts, crewmembers of the world's first space station, were killed when their spacecraft depressurized during re-entry.

In 1986, Hugh Hefner, calling his Playboy Bunny a "symbol of the past," closed Playboy Clubs in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

In 1992, Fidel Ramos was inaugurated as the eighth Philippine president in the first peaceful transfer of power in a generation.

In 1998, a casualty of the Vietnam War buried at the Tomb of the Unknown in Arlington, Va., was identified as Air Force Lt. Michael Blassie of St. Louis.

In 1999, Clinton crony Webster Hubbell, a former associate U.S. attorney general, pleaded guilty to reduced charges in the Whitewater land deal scandal.

In 2000, the Clinton administration said Iraq restarted its missile program and flight-tested a short-range ballistic missile.

Also in 2000, the Presbyterian Church ordered its ministers not to conduct same-sex unions.

In 2002, published reports said fugitive terrorist leader Osama bin Laden wrote his operations chief in late December saying he survived the U.S. assault on his cave complex in Afghanistan.

Also in 2002, Israel announced it had killed a top Hamas bomb-maker, responsible for the deaths of more than 100 Israelis in suicide attacks and had begun work on an electronic fence designed to block off three sides of Jerusalem from the West Bank.

In 2003, after agreeing on a cease-fire with the Palestinians, Israel pulled out of most of the Gaza Strip, ending for the time being a blockade on the main highway that began in 2000.

In 2004, the Federal Reserve, for the first time in four years, raised its benchmark interest rate from a record low 1 percent to 1.25 percent for overnight loans.

Also in 2004, the Cassini spacecraft, in space on a U.S.-European mission, became the first device to orbit the planet Saturn.

In 2005, the Federal Reserve raised key interest rates a ninth straight time, noting rising energy prices.

Also in 2005, Israel declared the Gaza Strip a closed military zone. All Israelis, except for residents, service providers and reporters, were barred from entering.

And, Spain became the third country to legalize same-sex marriage.

In 2006, a joint U.S.-Canadian investigation grounded a group accused of using helicopters and planes to ferry drugs from British Columbia across the border. Agents reported arresting 46 people and seizing 4 tons of marijuana, 800 pounds of cocaine, aircraft and $1.5 million in cash.

In 2007, many U.S. airports increased security in advance of the Fourth of July holiday. Meanwhile, a car blew up at Glasgow airport in Scotland after two British bomb threats the day before prompting authorities to raise the security level to "critical."

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Notable Birthdays for June 30
Those born on this date include:
- English socialist leader Harold Laski in 1893
- Actress Susan Hayward and singer Lena Horne (age 91) in 1917
- Actress Nancy Dussault in 1936 (age 72)
- Singer Florence Ballard of The Supremes in 1943
- Actor William Atherton in 1947 (age 61)
- Actor David Alan Grier in 1955 (age 53)
- Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson in 1966 (age 42)

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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today is Sunday, June 29, the 181st day of 2008 with 185 to follow.
The moon is waning. The morning stars are Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus. The evening stars are Venus, Mars and Saturn.

This Day in History, June 29
On June 29th, 1613, the Globe Theatre in London burned down

Other Notable Events, June 29
In 1853, the U.S. Senate ratified the $10 million Gadsden Purchase from Mexico, adding more than 29,000 square miles to the territories of Arizona and New Mexico and completing the modern geographical boundaries of the contiguous 48 states.

In 1933, Fatty Arbuckle, the silent film comedian and one of Hollywood's most beloved personalities until a manslaughter charge ruined his career, died while preparing a comeback. He was 46.

In 1941, Isabella Peron took office as president of Argentina.

In 1946, two years before Israel became a nation, British authorities arrested more than 2,700 Jewish Zionists in an effort to stop terrorism in Palestine.

In 1970, the last U.S. troops were withdrawn from Cambodia into South Vietnam.

In 1972, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that capital punishment, as then administered by individual states, was unconstitutional.

In 1991, the European Community announced $1.4 billion in aid for the Soviet Union.

In 1992, the U.S. Supreme Court left intact the important aspects of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion but upheld most of Pennsylvania's new restrictions on a woman's right to abortion.

Also in 1992, doctors in Pittsburgh reported the world's first transplant of a baboon liver into a human patient. The recipient, a 35-year-old man, survived for three months.

And in 1992, the president of Algeria, Mohammed Boudiaf, was assassinated during a speech.

In 1994, the Japanese Diet elected Tomiichi Murayama prime minister.

Also in 1994, in a taped interview aired on British TV, Prince Charles admitted he had been unfaithful to his estranged wife, Princess Diana.

In 1995, editors of The New York Times and The Washington Post said they were considering publishing the UNAbomber's manifesto in hopes of ending the bombings.

Also in 1995, the U.S. shuttle Atlantis docked with the Russian space station Mir.

In 1999, a Turkish court convicted Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan of treason and sentenced him to death.

In 2003, Hollywood legend Katherine Hepburn died at the age of 96 after a six-decade career in which she won a record four Oscars for best actress.

In 2004, the U.N. war crime tribunal for the former Yugoslavia reported trouble getting authorities to arrest 20 indicted people, including former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic.

In 2005, the Bush administration gave the new director of national intelligence additional powers, including authority over operations by the FBI and other agencies.

Also in 2005, authorities said the bodies of 13 U.S. troops were recovered from a crashed Chinook helicopter in eastern Afghanistan. Seven others were reported missing.

In 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled U.S. President George Bush didn't have authority to set up military tribunals for terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In a 5-3 ruling, the justices also said the tribunals were illegal under both military justice law and the Geneva Convention.

In 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed course and agreed to hear the appeals of detainees held at the Guantanamo Bay military prison on Cuba.

Also in 2007, London police found an explosive device in a car in a parking garage a few hours after a car bomb left outside a night club was disarmed. The discoveries came almost two years after suicide bombers killed 52 people and injured hundreds in London's public transportation system.

And, the American bald eagle, declared endangered in 1967, is again flourishing and no longer imperiled, the U.S. Interior Department announced.

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Notable Birthdays for June 29

Those born on this date include:
- William Mayo, co-founder of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., in 1861
- Astronomer George Ellery Hale, founder of the Yerkes and Mount Palomar observatories, in 1868
- Actor/singer Nelson Eddy in 1901
- Composer/arranger Leroy Anderson in 1908
- Broadway songwriter Frank Loesser in 1910
- Composer/conductor Bernard Herrmann in 1911
- Actor Slim Pickens in 1919
- Black power advocate Stokely Carmichael in 1941
- Actor Gary Busey in 1944 (age 64)
- Actor-U.S. Congressman Fred Grandy in 1948 (age 60)
- Actress Sharon Lawrence in 1962 (age 46)

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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today is Saturday, June 28, the 180th day of 2008 with 186 to follow.

The moon is waning. The morning stars are Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus. The evening stars are Venus, Mars and Saturn.

This Day in History, June 28
On June 28th, 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was signed, ending World War I.

Other Notable Events, June 28
In 1778, the Continental Army under command of Gen. George Washington defeated the British at Monmouth, N.J.

In 1914, Archduke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia, an act credited with igniting World War I.

In 1919, World War I officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

In 1969, the clientele of a New York City gay bar, the Stonewall Inn, rioted after the club was raided by police. The event is considered the start of the gay liberation movement.

In 1971, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the use of public funds for parochial schools was unconstitutional.

In 1972, U.S. President Richard Nixon announced that no more draftees would be sent to Vietnam unless they volunteered for service in the Asian nation.

In 1984, Israel and Syria exchanged prisoners for the first time in 10 years; 291 Syrian soldiers were traded for three Israelis.

In 1991, the Yugoslav army was deployed to Slovenia to take control of airports and border posts and to prevent the republic's declared independence.

In 1993, in its last report before disbanding, the White House National Committee on AIDS blasted the Bush administration's response to AIDS and challenged the Clinton administration to do more.

In 1997, Mike Tyson bit the ears of heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield, tearing off a piece of one ear, during a title fight in Las Vegas.

In 2000, Elian Gonzalez and his father returned to Cuba, hours after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from the Cuban refugee's Miami relatives who sought to keep the boy in the United States.

Also in 2000, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America had a constitutional right to exclude gay members.

In 2001, a U.S. Appeals Court in Washington unanimously threw out a lower court ruling that the Microsoft Corp. must be broken up.

In 2003, people eager to block telemarketing calls overwhelmed a government Web site that began accepting phone numbers at the national do-not-call registry. The Federal Trade Commission said 735,000 numbers were registered the first day.

In 2004, the U.S.-led coalition formally transferred political power in Iraq to an interim government that would run the country until elections were held.

In 2005, at least 30 people were killed in torrential rains that pounded El Salvador causing flooding and damage to homes.

In 2006, U.S. President George Bush criticized newspaper reports exposing government monitoring of banking records in its search for terrorists as "disgraceful" and a "great harm" to national security.

In 2007, the revived U.S. immigration bill failed in the U.S. Senate when supporters were unable to muster enough ayes to end debate on the matter and bring it up for a vote.

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Notable Birthdays for June 28
Those born on this date include:
- English King Henry VIII in 1491
- Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens in 1577
- English clergyman John Wesley, founder of Methodism, in 1703
- French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau in 1712
- Italian author Luigi Pirandello in 1867
- Composer Richard Rodgers in 1902
- Bank robber John Dillinger in 1902
- Spy novelist Eric Ambler in 1909
- Lester Flatt, bluegrass mandolin/guitar, part of Flatt and Scruggs team, in 1914
- Filmmaker and comedian Mel Brooks in 1926 (age 82)
- Actor Pat Morita in 1932
- Comedian Gilda Radner in 1946
- Actress Kathy Bates in 1948 (age 60)
- Actress Alice Krige in 1954 (age 54)
- Former football star John Elway in 1960 (age 48)
- Actor John Cusack in 1966 (age 42)
- Actress Mary Stuart Masterson in 1966 (age 42)
- Actress/singer Danielle Brisebois in 1969 (age 39)

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Friday, June 27, 2008


This Day in History, June 27
On June 27th, 1972, Nolan Bushnell established ATARI.

Other Notable Events, June 27
In 1801, British forces captured Cairo and the French began withdrawing from Egypt in one of the Napoleonic Wars.

In 1829, English scientist James Smithson leaves will that eventually funds the establishment of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, in a country he never visited.

In 1844, Mormon founder Joseph Smith was slain by a mob at a jail in Carthage, Ill.

In 1847, the first telegraph wire links were established between New York City and Boston.

In 1859, Louisville, Ky., schoolteacher Mildred Hill wrote a tune for her students and called it "Good Morning To You." Her sister, Patty, wrote the lyrics and later added a verse that began "Happy birthday To You."

In 1893, the "Panic of 1893" began as the value of the U.S. silver dollar fell to less than 60 cents in gold.

In 1950, U.S. President Harry Truman ordered U.S. naval and air forces to help repel the North Korean invasion of South Korea.

In 1979, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled private employers could give special preferences to blacks to eliminate "manifest racial imbalance" in traditionally white-only jobs.

In 1991, Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall announced he was retiring from the U.S. Supreme Court. He was the first black to sit on the high court.

Also in 1991, South Africa announced it would sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and agree not to develop nuclear weapons.

In 1992, a severe earthquake shook Southern California, jolting residents awake, causing damage and killing one person.

Also in 1992, U.S. President H.W. Bush's only daughter married the former top aide to the House Democratic leader in a private ceremony at Camp David, Md.

In 1993, the Pentagon recommended closing 33 major military bases and nearly 100 smaller installations and shrinking 45 others.

Also in 1993, U.N.-sponsored talks between exiled Haitian President Aristide and the military leaders who ousted him opened in New York.

In 1995, the space shuttle Atlantis blasted off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., on an historic mission to dock with the Russian space station Mir. The flight was also the 100th U.S.-piloted space mission.

In 2001, screen legend Jack Lemmon died at 76.

In 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court, acting in a Cleveland case, upheld that city's school vouchers program, in which public money goes to help parents pay tuition to non-public schools.

In 2003, the Federal Trade Commission opened a long-awaited nationwide registry Friday for those who want to block unwanted telemarketing calls.

In 2004, two car bombs exploded near a mosque in the southern Iraqi city of Hilla, killing at least 23 Iraqi civilians and wounding 58 others. The weeklong Iraqi death toll topped 100.

In 2005, Wal-Mart heir John Walton, 58, one of America's richest men, was killed in a plane crash near the Jackson, Wyo., airport.

Also in 2005, U.S. crude oil prices closed at a record high of $60 a barrel.

And, Dennis Rader, the so-called "BTK" killer (bind, torture, kill) pleaded guilty to 10 slayings s in the Wichita, Kan., area.

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Notable Birthdays for June 27
Those born on this date include:
- King Charles XII, Charles the Great, of Sweden in 1682
- Irish patriot Charles Stewart Parnell in 1846
- Poet Paul Laurence Dunbar 1872
- Blind and deaf author Helen Keller in 1880
- "Captain Kangaroo" Bob Keeshan in 1927
- H. Ross Perot in 1930 (age 76)
- Fashion designer Norma Kamali in 1945 (age 61)
- And actors Julia Duffy in 1951 (age 55), Isabelle Adjani in 1955 (age 51), Jason Patric in 1966 (age 40), Christian Kane ("Angel") in 1974 (age 32) and Tobey Maguire in 1975 (age 31).

Thursday, June 26, 2008



This Day in History, June 26
On June 26th, 1819, the bicycle was patented.

Notable Birthdays for June 26
Those born on this date include:
- baseball pioneer Abner Doubleday in 1819
- British physicist and inventor William Kelvin in 1824
- Novelist Pearl Buck in 1892
- German aircraft designer Willi Messerschmitt in 1898
- William Lear, developer of the Lear jet, in 1902
- Actor Peter Lorre in 1904
- "Colonel" Tom Parker, Elvis Presley's manager, in 1910
- Athlete Mildred "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias in 1914
- Actor/musician Chris Isaak in 1956 (age 50)
- Cyclist Greg LeMond in 1961 (age 45)
- And actors Chris O'Donnell and Sean P. Hayes ("Will & Grace"), both in 1970 (age 36).

Other Notable Events, June 26
In 1900, Dr. Walter Reed and his medical team began a successful campaign to wipe out yellow fever in the Panama Canal Zone.

In 1917, the first troops of the American Expeditionary Force reached France in World War I.

In 1939, film censors approved "Gone With The Wind" but fined Producer David O. Selznick $5,000 for objectionable language in Rhett Butler's famous line to Scarlett O'Hara: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

In 1945, the FCC began development of commercial television by allocating airwaves for 13 TV stations.

Also in 1945, the U.N. Charter was signed by representatives of 50 nations.

In 1959, U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth II formally opened the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada.

In 1974, the bar code, allowing for the electronic scanning of prices, was used for the first time on a pack of gum at a supermarket in Troy, Ohio.

In 1976, the CN Tower, the world's tallest freestanding structure (1,815 feet, 5 inches), opened in Toronto.

In 1977, 42 people died in a county jail fire in Columbia, Tenn.

In 1986, a nationwide 26-day strike by 155,000 AT&T telecommunication workers, the first since the Bell System breakup in January 1984, ended with a new contract agreement.

Also in 1986, the Nicaraguan government closed the nation's last opposition newspaper, La Prensa.

In 1990, U.S. President George H.W. Bush discarded his "no new taxes" campaign pledge, saying "it is clear to me" taxes are needed as part of deficit-reduction package.

In 1991, 120 people drowned after an Indonesian trawler and an unidentified ship collided in the Straits of Malacca.

In 1992, U.S. Navy Secretary H. Lawrence Garrett resigned, accepting responsibility for the "Tailhook" incident involving the harassment of Navy women by naval aviators.

Also in 1992, Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates, the target of public wrath for the Rodney King beating, resigned.

In 1993, in response to an Iraqi plot to assassinate former U.S. President George H.W. Bush during a visit to Kuwait, two U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf fired missiles at Iraq's intelligence complex. The main headquarters building was badly damaged.

In 1995, an attempted assassination of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak failed during his visit to Ethiopia.

In 2000, two rival groups of scientists announced they had deciphered the genetic code, the human genome.

In 2002, the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that the Pledge of Allegiance recited in schools was unconstitutional because of the phrase "under God." The ruling was stayed pending appeal.

In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court gave a major boost to gay rights advocates by striking down a Texas law forbidding sexual activity between same-sex partners.

In 2004, a group that beheaded two hostages in Iraq said it had captured three Turkish workers and would kill them unless Turkish companies quit Iraq.

In 2005, six months after the Indian Ocean tsunami, the death toll stood at 178,000 in 11 countries with another 50,000 people missing and presumed dead.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


In 1893, a jury in Fall River, Mass., found Lizzy Borden not guilty in the ax killings of her father and stepmother.

In 1898, the U.S. Navy seized Guam, the largest of the Mariana Islands in the Pacific, during the Spanish-American War. The people of Guam were granted U.S. citizenship in 1950.

In 1900, in response to widespread foreign encroachment upon China's national affairs, Chinese nationalists launched the so-called Boxer Rebellion in Peking.

In 1963, the United States and the Soviet Union agreed to establish a hot line communications link between Washington and Moscow.

In 1967, the American Independent Party was formed to back George Wallace of Alabama for president.

In 1977, oil began to flow through the $7.7 billion, 789-mile Alaska pipeline.

In 1986, U.S. President Ronald Reagan had two benign polyps removed from his colon at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.

In 1990, U.S. President George H.W. Bush broke off U.S. diplomatic contact with the Palestine Liberation Organization after the PLO refused to act against a factional leader who plotted to attack Israel.

Also in 1990, South African nationalist Nelson Mandela began a triumphant U.S. fund-raising tour in New York.

In 1991, the German parliament voted in favor of moving its capital from Bonn to Berlin.

In 1994, O.J. Simpson pleaded "100 percent not guilty" to charges he killed his ex-wife and her friend.

In 1995, a military court acquitted Air Force Capt. James Wang of charges in connection with the April 1994 downing of two U.S Army helicopters over Iraq. He'd been the senior director of an AWACS plane that failed to warn two U.S. jets that the choppers were friendly.

In 1996, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno asked that the Whitewater counsel be allowed to investigate the matter of FBI background checks. A panel of judges agreed the next day.

In 1997, four major U.S. tobacco companies and several state attorneys general, after months of negotiations, agreed to a $368.5 billion settlement to recover the costs of smoking-related illnesses.

In 1999, NATO formally ended its bombing campaign of Yugoslavia as Serb forces completed their withdrawal from Kosovo.

In 2000, Taiwan's new president invited his Chinese counterpart to take part in a peace effort similar to one begun by North and South Korea.

In 2003, a top lieutenant to Saddam Hussein told U.S. interrogators that the Iraqi leader and his two sons survived the war in Iraq. Saddam was later captured and, in a separate incident, his sons died in a raid.

Also in 2003, up to 200 illegal immigrants were feared dead after their boat capsized off the coast of Tunisia on its way to Italy.

In 2004, Pakistan and India reached agreement on banning nuclear testing.

In 2005, U.S. Senate Democrats temporarily blocked U.S. President George Bush's nomination of John Bolton as envoy to the United Nations.
Notable Birthdays, June 25
Those born on this date include:
- French composer Gustave Charpentier in 1860
- Broadway producer George Abbott in 1887
- English novelist and critic George Orwell, author of "1984," in 1903
- Movie director Sidney Lumet in 1924 (age 82)
- Actress June Lockhart in 1925 (age 81)
- Civil rights advocate James Meredith in 1933 (age 73)
- Actor Jimmie Walker in 1948 (age 58)
- Pop singers Carly Simon in 1945 (age 61) and George Michael in 1963 (age 43)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


June 24, 1997 Melissa Drexler, 18, charged with killing her baby during her prom
June 24, 1997 4-1, Mark McGwire his a 538 foot HR
June 24, 1997 Seat Mariner Randy Johnson strikes out 19 Oakland A's but loses
June 24, 1995 Stanley Cup: New Jersey Devils sweep Detroit Red Wings in 4 games
June 24, 1994 1st French "all news" TV, LCI, begins broadcasting
June 24, 1994 Jeff Bagwell of Astros is 28th to hit 2 home runs in an inning
June 24, 1994 Sally Fields files for divorce from 2nd husband Alan Greisman
June 24, 1993 Arab terror group planning bombing of Holland/Lincoln Tunnels caught
June 24, 1992 Billy Joel, gets an honorary diploma from Hicksville High School at 43
June 24, 1992 Commissioner Fay Vincent permanently bans Steve Howe from baseball
June 24, 1992 Eddie Antar, CEO (Crazy Eddies), $74 m stock fraud caught in Israel
June 24, 1992 John Gotti begins life sentence in jail
June 24, 1991 NHL adopts instant-replay and tenth of second clock in final minute
June 24, 1990 Patty Sheehan wins LPGA Rochester Golf International
June 24, 1989 Cards Vince Coleman steals record 39th and 40th consecutive bases
June 24, 1988 Cleve pitcher Doug Jones sets record of 14 consecutive saves
June 24, 1988 Red Sox begin AL record 23rd consecutive home win streak
June 24, 1987 CFL's Montreal Alouettes fold
June 24, 1987 Salt Lake City Trappers begin pro baseball record 29 consec win streak
June 24, 1986 Guy Hunt elected 1st Republican governor of Alabama in 112 years
June 24, 1986 U.S. Senate approves tax reform
June 24, 1985 18th Space Shuttle Mission (51-G)-Discovery 5 returns to Earth
June 24, 1985 Challenger moves to Vandenberg AFB for mating of STS 51-F
June 24, 1984 Joe Morgan sets career HR mark for 2nd basemen with #265
June 24, 1984 Laurie Rinker wins LPGA Boston Five Golf Classic
June 24, 1983 7th Space Shuttle Mission-Challenger 2 lands at Edwards AFB
June 24, 1983 Don Sutton becomes 8th pitcher to strikeout 3,000 batters
June 24, 1982 Equal Rights Amendment goes down to defeat
June 24, 1982 Jean-Loup Chretien, 1st spacionaut, 2 others, lift off (Soyuz T-16)
June 24, 1982 Soyuz T-6 Launch (U.S.S.R.)
June 24, 1982 Supreme Court rules President can't be sued for actions in office
June 24, 1980 Affirmed wins $500,000 Hollywood Cup, 1st horse to win $2 million
June 24, 1979 Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
June 24, 1979 Rickey Henderson debuts for Oakland and steals his 1st base
June 24, 1977 IRS reveals Jimmy Carter paid no taxes in 1976
June 24, 1976 1975 movie "Rocky Horror Picture Show" released in Germany
June 24, 1975 Eastern 727 crashes at JFK Airport New York, kills 113
June 24, 1975 Moon tremor perceived, hit by Taurid meteors
June 24, 1974 India all out for 42 in Lord's Test cricket in 77 mins
June 24, 1974 Steve Busby retires 1st 9 White Sox to set AL record with 33 consecutive batters retired
June 24, 1973 Marlene Raymond (15), limboes under a flaming bar at 6 1/8"
June 24, 1973 Susie Berning wins LPGA Heritage Village Golf Open
June 24, 1972 "Troglodyte (Cave Man)" by Jimmy Castor Bunch peaks at #6
June 24, 1972 Wake Island becomes unincorporated territory of U.S., U.S. Air Force
June 24, 1972 Yvonne Braitwaite Burke becomes 1st black chair in Dem convention
June 24, 1970 "Catch 22" opens in movie theaters
June 24, 1970 Bobby Murcer ties record of 4 consecutive HRs
June 24, 1970 Reds play final game at Cincinnati's Crosley Field, beat Giants 5-4
June 24, 1970 Senate votes overwhelmingly to repeal Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
June 24, 1968 14th LPGA Championship won by Sandra Post
June 24, 1968 Australia all out for 78 vs. England at Lord's
June 24, 1968 Deadline for redeeming silver certificate dollars for silver bullion
June 24, 1968 Jim Northrup hits 2 grand-slammers to help Tigers beat Cleveland 14-3
June 24, 1968 Joe Frazier TKOs Manuel Ramos in 2 for heavyweight boxing title
June 24, 1968 Resurrection City in Washington D.C. closed permanently
June 24, 1967 Pope Paul VI publishes encyclical Sacerdotalis coelibatus
June 24, 1967 Zaire adopts constitution
June 24, 1966 Bombay-New York Air India flight crashes into Mont Blanc (Switzerland), 117 die
June 24, 1966 Period of relative peace following WW II exceeds that following WW I
June 24, 1964 FTC rules health warnings must appear on all cigarette packages
June 24, 1963 1st demonstration of home video recorder, at BBC Studios, London
June 24, 1963 Levi Eshkol forms Israeli government
June 24, 1963 Zanzibar granted internal self-government by Britain
June 24, 1962 Betsy Rawls wins LPGA J E McAuliffe Golf Tournament
June 24, 1962 Jack Reed's 22nd-inning HR wins longest New York Yankee game in history
June 24, 1961 "Happiest Girl in the World" closes at Martin Beck New York City after 97 performances
June 24, 1961 Beatles record "If You Love Me Baby"
June 24, 1961 Iraq demands dominion over Kuwait
June 24, 1960 Geoff Griffin takes a hat-trick South Africa vs. England Lord's
June 24, 1957 "I Love Lucy," last airs on CBS-TV
June 24, 1956 "Steve Allen Show," returns on NBC-TV
June 24, 1956 2nd LPGA Championship won by Marlene Hagge
June 24, 1956 WISC TV channel 3 in Madison, Wisconsin (CBS) begins broadcasting
June 24, 1955 Harmon Killebrew hits his 1st HR (off Billy Hoeff)
June 24, 1954 "John Murray Anderson's Almanac" closes at Imperial New York City after 229 perf
June 24, 1953 KSWS (now KOBR) TV channel 8 in Roswell, New Mexico (NBC) begins broadcasting
June 24, 1951 Persian army takes over nationalized oil installations
June 24, 1950 Babe Didrikson-Zaharias wins LPGA Western Women's Golf Open
June 24, 1950 French government-Bidault resigns
June 24, 1950 New York Giant Wes Westrum hits 3 home runs and a triple
June 24, 1949 "Hopalong Cassidy" becomes 1st network western (NBC)
June 24, 1949 A M de Jong's murderer, Ton van Gog arrested in Scheveningen Neth
June 24, 1949 Cargo airlines 1st licensed by U.S. Civil Aeronautics Board
June 24, 1948 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia nominates New York Governor Thomas Dewey
June 24, 1948 Soviet Union begins Berlin Blockade
June 24, 1947 29th PGA Championship: Jim Ferrier at Plum Hollow CC Detroit
June 24, 1947 Jackie Robinson swipes home for 1st of 19 times in his career
June 24, 1947 Jim Ferrier wins PGA golf tournament
June 24, 1946 11.72" (29.77 cm) of rainfall at Mellen Wisconsin (state 24-hr record)
June 24, 1946 Georges Bidault elected premier of France
June 24, 1945 Schermerhorn government forms
June 24, 1943 Allies begin 10-day bombing on Hamburg
June 24, 1942 Admiral Ernest King orders Tulagi (Solomon Island) reconquered
June 24, 1942 Africa Corps occupy Egypt
June 24, 1941 Entire Jewish male population of Gorzhdy Lithuania, exterminated
June 24, 1941 Germans advanced into Russia and took Vilna, Brest-Litovsk and Kaunas
June 24, 1940 France signs an armistice with Italy during WW II
June 24, 1939 Pan Am's 1st U.S. to England flight
June 24, 1938 500 ton meteorite lands near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
June 24, 1936 Joe DiMaggio becomes 5th to hit 2 home runs in 1 inn, Yanks beat Browns 18-4
June 24, 1936 Mary McLeod Bethune named director of Negro Affairs in National Youth Adm
June 24, 1932 Coup ends absolute monarchy in Thailand
June 24, 1931 U.S.S.R. and Afghanistan sign neutrality treaty
June 24, 1930 1st radar detection of planes, Anacostia DC
June 24, 1930 Ground is broken for construction of Cleveland Stadium
June 24, 1928 32nd U.S. Golf Open: Johnny Farrell shoots a 294 at Olympia Fields Ill
June 24, 1924 59th British Golf Open: Walter Hagen shoots a 301 at Hoylake Hoylake
June 24, 1923 Pope Pius XI speaks against allies occupying Ruhrgebied
June 24, 1922 AFPA changes name to NFL, Chicago Staleys become Chicago Bears
June 24, 1920 Chuvash Autonomous Region forms in RSFSR
June 24, 1917 Russian Black Sea fleet mutiny at Sebastopol
June 24, 1915 800 dies as excursion steamer Eastland capsizes in Chicago
June 24, 1914 King Peter I of Serbia names son Alexander the Prince-regent
June 24, 1913 53rd British Golf Open: J H Taylor shoots a 304 at Hoylake Hoylake
June 24, 1911 17th U.S. Golf Open: John McDermott shoots a 307 at Chicago GC in Ill
June 24, 1910 50th British Golf Open: James Braid shoots a 299 at St. Andrews Scot
June 24, 1909 15th U.S. Golf Open: George Sargent shoots a 290 at Englewood GC NJ
June 24, 1908 Yanks replace Clark Griffith with Kid Elberfeld as manager who is destined to have worse won-lost pct of any Yankee mgr 27-71 (.276)
June 24, 1903 Russia prohibits meetings dealing with Zionist
June 24, 1901 1st exhibition by Pablo Picasso, 19, opens in Paris
June 24, 1901 Jewish National Fund starts
June 24, 1900 Dutch Social-Democratic Worker's party and Socialistenbond merge
June 24, 1898 American troops, drive Spanish forces from La Guasimas Cuba
June 24, 1897 Hail injures 26 in Topeka, Kansas
June 24, 1894 Decision to hold modern Olympics every 4 years
June 24, 1885 British government of Salisbury forms
June 24, 1885 Samuel David Ferguson becomes 1st U.S. black bishop
June 24, 1884 John Lynch is 1st black elected chairman of Republican convention
June 24, 1882 NL expels umpire Richard Higham for dishonesty
June 24, 1881 200 drown as train runs off bridge near Cuautla Mexico
June 24, 1866 2nd Battle at Custozza: Prussian-Austria beats Italian army
June 24, 1863 Planning an invasion of Pennsylvania, Lee's army crosses Potomac
June 24, 1861 Battle of Mathias Point, Virginia - U.S. attacks Confederate batteries
June 24, 1861 Tennessee becomes 11th (& last) state to secede from US
June 24, 1859 Battle of Solferino, N-Italy: France/Sardinia-Austria
June 24, 1846 Residency tax on Jews of Hungary abolished
June 24, 1843 Vincenzo Soliva decrees no Jew can live outside of ghetto in Italy
June 24, 1841 Fordham University, then St. John's College, opens in the Bronx
June 24, 1821 Battle of Carabobo; Bolivar defeats royalists outside of Caracas
June 24, 1817 1st coffee planted in Hawaii on Kona coast
June 24, 1813 Battle of Beaver Dam-British and Indian forces defeat U.S. forces
June 24, 1806 English under commodore Popham/col Beresford reach Buenos Aires
June 24, 1795 U.S. and Great Britain sign Jay Treaty, 1st U.S. extradition treaty
June 24, 1793 1st republican constitution in France adopted
June 24, 1778 David Rittenhouse observes a total solar eclipse in Philadelphia
June 24, 1717 1st Free Masons' grand lodge founded in London
June 24, 1692 Kingston, Jamaica founded
June 24, 1690 King Willem III's army lands at Carrickfergus Ireland
June 24, 1662 Dutch invasion of Macau repulsed, Macau Day
June 24, 1658 French fleet recaptures Duinkerk
June 24, 1648 Cossacks slaughter 2,000 Jews and 600 Polish Catholics in Ukraine
June 24, 1647 Lord Baltimore's niece ejected requesting vote at Maryland Council
June 24, 1619 Tsar Michails father Filaret becomes patriarch of Moscow
June 24, 1610 Battle at Klushino: King Sigismund II beats Russia and Sweden
June 24, 1597 Cornelis de Houtman's fleet reaches Bantam, West Java
June 24, 1572 5 clergymen of Enkhuizen, hanged
June 24, 1540 Henry VIII divorces his 4th wife, Anne of Cleves
June 24, 1535 Anabaptists Protestants conquered and disbanded
June 24, 1535 Hessische troops occupy Munster
June 24, 1529 Zurich and catholic kantons sign Peace of Kappel
June 24, 1527 Gustaaf I begins Reformation in Sweden, taking RC possessions
June 24, 1522 Battle at La Bicocca: Emperor Karel V beats France
June 24, 1522 Portuguese Antonio de Brita signs treaty island of Ternate Molukkas
June 24, 1509 Henry VIII crowned King of England
June 24, 1497 John Cabot claims eastern Canada for England (believes he found Asia in Nova Scotia)
June 24, 1472 Zoe Paleologa departs Rome for Moscow
June 24, 1441 Eton College founded by Henry VI
June 24, 1397 Sultan Bajezid I release caught crusaders free, for ransom
June 24, 1396 Crusaders under earl of Nevers reach Vienna
June 24, 1340 Battle at Lock: English fleet beats France/Genuezen, 10-30,000 killed
June 24, 1340 In the Hundred Years War, British fleet destroys French at Sluys
June 24, 1322 Jews are expelled from France for 3rd time
June 24, 1314 Battle of Bannockburn; Scotland regains independence from England
June 24, 1298 Rindfleish Persecutions-Jews of Ifhauben Austria massacred
June 24, 1128 Afonso I of Portugal defeats army of his mother Theresa
June 24, 843 Vikings destroy Nantes
June 24, 451 10th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
June 24, 1993 Primera, an Andean condor, hatched at Cleveland Zoo, 5th born in captivity
June 24, 1986 Kaitlin Cullum, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Libby Kelly-Grace Under Fire
June 24, 1980 Kelly Dutra, Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 1996
June 24, 1977 Cliff Bayer, born in New York City, fencer-foil 1996 Olympics
June 24, 1976 Tyce Routson, Bellevue Wash, diver 1996 Olympics
June 24, 1974 Adam Treu, guard and tackle for the Oakland Raiders
June 24, 1974 Carrie Zarse, born in Chicago, Illinois, diver 1996 Olympics
June 24, 1973 Jere Lehtinen, Espoo Fin, NHL right wing, Dallas Stars, Oly-bronze-98
June 24, 1973 Michael Cheever, corner for the Jacksonville Jaguars
June 24, 1972 Jose Simon, WLAF defensive tackle, Barcelona Dragons
June 24, 1972 Mitch Berger, punter for the Minnesota Vikings
June 24, 1972 Shawn King, NFL defensive end, Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers
June 24, 1971 LaMonte Coleman, NFL fullback for the Pittsburgh Steelers
June 24, 1970 Carlos Yancy, NFL cornerback for the New England Patriots
June 24, 1970 Glenn Medeiros, singer, Someday Love
June 24, 1969 Melissa Gurney, born in California, tennis player, Virginia Slims of, South Dakota, 1986
June 24, 1969 Sean Maye, 400m/800m runner
June 24, 1969 Todd Lewis, born in Flint, Michigan, 10k runner
June 24, 1968 Jean Charest, Canadian Lawyer
June 24, 1967 Bill Huard, Welland, NHL left wing for the Dallas Stars
June 24, 1967 Crystal Carson, born in Spaulding NE, actress, Cartel, Julia-General Hospital
June 24, 1967 Jeff Cease, born in Nashville, guitarist, Black Crowes-Shake Your Money Maker
June 24, 1967 Olaf Hampel, WLAF offensive linebacker, Frankfurt Galaxy, Rhein Fire
June 24, 1967 Sherry Stringfield, born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, actress, Laura-NYPD Blue, ER
June 24, 1966 John Randle, golfer, 1992 Canadian Tour Fall-3rd
June 24, 1965 Danielle Spencer, born in Bronx, actress, Dee Thomas-What's Happening
June 24, 1965 Patrick Jeffrey, born in Morristown, New Jersey, diver, Olympics-5th-96
June 24, 1965 Shane Churla, Fernie, NHL right wing, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers
June 24, 1965 Uwe Krupp, born in Cologne, Germany, NHL defenseman, Colorado Avalanche, Germany 98
June 24, 1964 David Daniel, jockey
June 24, 1964 Gary Suter, born in Madison, Wisconsin, NHL defenseman, Chicago Blackhawks, USA
June 24, 1963 Duval Love, NFL guard for the Arizona Cardinals
June 24, 1961 Bernie Nicholls, NHL center, Chicago Blackhawks
June 24, 1961 Curt Smith, born in Bath, England, rock bassist/vocalist, Tears For Fears
June 24, 1961 Jim Laver Carter, born in Spring Lake, North Carolina, PGA golfer, 1995 Anheuser-Busch
June 24, 1961 Natalya Shaposhnikova, born in U.S.S.R., sidehorse vaulter, 1980 Olympics gold
June 24, 1960 Juli Inkster, born in Santa Cruz, California, LPGA golfer, Dinah Shore-1984, 89
June 24, 1960 Nate Carr, born in Erie, Pennsylvania, freestyle wrestler 1988 Olympics bronze
June 24, 1959 Andy McClusky, rocker, Orchestal Manoeveres in the Dark-Electricity
June 24, 1959 Rob Delahaye, soccer player, MVV
June 24, 1958 Victor M Gerena, born in New York City, security guard robbed $7 million, FBI wanted
June 24, 1957 Astro, [Terrence Wilson], England, rock vocalist, UB40-Red Red Wine
June 24, 1955 Loren Lloyd Roberts, born in San Luis Obispo, California, PGA golfer, Nestle-1994, 95
June 24, 1951 Ivar Formo, born in Norway, 50K cross country skier 1976 Olympics gold
June 24, 1951 Raelene Boyle, born in Australia, sprinter, Oly-Silver-72
June 24, 1950 Derrick Simpson, born in Kingston Jamaica, rocker, Black Uhuru
June 24, 1950 Leon J P M Frissen, Dutch MP, CDA
June 24, 1950 Mercedes R. Lackey, U.S., sci-fi author, Arrow's Fall, Magic's Pawn
June 24, 1950 Nancy Allen, born in New York City, actress, Carrie, 1941, Robocop, Dress to Kill
June 24, 1950 Mercedes Lackey, American Author
June 24, 1949 John Illsley, born in Leicester, England, rock bassist, Dire Straits
June 24, 1948 Patrick Morza, born in Morges, Switzerland, rock keyboardist, Yes
June 24, 1947 Walter Willison, born in Monterrey Park, California, actor, McDuff the Talking Dog, Two By Two [Tony Award nomination, Theatre World Award]
June 24, 1947 Marianne Delgorge, singer and actress, Ice Cream Soda
June 24, 1947 Peter Weller, born in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, actor, Robocop, Of Unknown Origin
June 24, 1946 Ellison S. Onizuka, born in Hawaii, Mjr USAF/ast, STS 51C, 51L-Chal disaster
June 24, 1946 Robert Reich, U.S. Sec of Labor, Clinton
June 24, 1945 Betty Stove, born in Netherlands, tennis player, U.S. Doubles 1972
June 24, 1945 Colin Blunstone, born in England, rocker, Zombies-Never Even Thought
June 24, 1945 George Pataki, American Politician
June 24, 1945 George E. Pataki, American Politician
June 24, 1944 Chris Wood, rocker, Traffic
June 24, 1944 Jeff Beck, born in Surrey, England, singer/guitarist, Jeff Beck Group
June 24, 1943 Georg Stanford Brown, born in Havana, Cuba, actor, Terry Webster-Rookies
June 24, 1942 Gerhart Roth, writer
June 24, 1942 Michele Lee, born in Los Angeles, California, actress and singer, Karen-Knots Landing, Love Bug
June 24, 1942 Mick Fleetwood, born in London, rock drummer, Fleetwood Mac-Go Your Own Way
June 24, 1941 Graham McKenzie, cricketer, prolific Australian pace bowler 1961-71
June 24, 1939 Henry Lawrence Garett III, born in Miami, Florida, Sect of Navy, 1989-92
June 24, 1938 Boris Lagutin, U.S.S.R., light-middleweight boxer, Olympics gold 1964, 68
June 24, 1938 Lowell Cross, composer
June 24, 1937 Anita Desai, Indian Novelist
June 24, 1935 Pete Hamill, born in Brooklyn, New York, journalist, New York Post
June 24, 1935 Terry Riley, born in Colfax, California, composer, Spectra
June 24, 1934 Bob Holthus, horse trainer
June 24, 1932 David McTaggart, co-founder, Greenpeace
June 24, 1932 Peter Bart, American Editor
June 24, 1931 Billy Casper, born in San Diego, California, golfer, 3-time PGA Player of Year, '66, '68, '70
June 24, 1930 Claude Chabrol, born in Paris, France, director, Les Cousins, Ophelia
June 24, 1930 Herbert C Klien, Rep-D-New Jersey
June 24, 1927 Joseph Pierce, Jr., horse trainer
June 24, 1927 Martin Lewis Perl, American Physicist
June 24, 1925 Len Jagger, English businessman/multi-millionaire
June 24, 1924 Ranasinghe Premadasa, president of Sri Lanka, 1989-93
June 24, 1923 Jack Carter, born in Brooklyn, New York, comedian/actor, Amazing Dobermans, Octagon
June 24, 1922 Aadje [Alida WM] Lyre, Dutch twin daughter of Prince Hendrik
June 24, 1922 Rietje [Maria SC] Lyre, Dutch twin daughter of Prince Hendrik
June 24, 1922 Roy Elihu Travis, born in New York City, composer, Passion of Dedipus
June 24, 1921 Billy Casper, golfer
June 24, 1920 Bernhard Krol, composer
June 24, 1920 James Eric Storrar, fighter Pilot
June 24, 1919 Al Molinaro, born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, actor, Murray-Odd Couple, Al-Happy Days
June 24, 1916 John Ciardi, poet and critic, translated Dante
June 24, 1915 Charles James Dunn, Japanese scholar
June 24, 1915 Fred Hoyle, cosmologist, proposed steady-state universe theory
June 24, 1913 John Kubris, Czech resistance fighter
June 24, 1913 Max van Praag, Dutch singer
June 24, 1912 Brian Johnston, cricketer, BBC radio commentator and cake connoisseur
June 24, 1912 Norman Cousins, editor, Saturday Review
June 24, 1912 Selwyn Powell, art editor
June 24, 1911 Juan Manuel Fangio, racing driver
June 24, 1910 Denis Dowling, baritone
June 24, 1910 Irving R. Kaufman, American Judge
June 24, 1909 Milton Katims, born in New York City, conductor/violist, WOR-NYC
June 24, 1909 William G Penney, British physicist, 1st British Atom Bomb
June 24, 1908 Hugo Distler, composer
June 24, 1907 Jose de Lima Siquiera, composer
June 24, 1906 Pierre Fournier, born in Paris, France, violon cellist, Paris Conservatoire
June 24, 1904 Kurt Kusenberg, German writer, Wein Auf Lebenszeit
June 24, 1903 Ernest Leslie Bouts, motor-racing driver
June 24, 1903 Phil Harris, born in Linton, Indiana, actor, Anything Goes, Robin Hood
June 24, 1901 Harry Partch, born in Oakland, California, composer, Oedipus
June 24, 1900 Memphis Minnie, rocker
June 24, 1899 Bruce Marshall, writer
June 24, 1899 Chief Dan George, actor, Harry and Tonto, Little Big Man. Smith!
June 24, 1899 Magdalene Szekely-Lulofs, Dutch writer, Honger tocht
June 24, 1895 Jack Dempsey, Manassa Mauler, heavyweight boxing champion, 1919-26
June 24, 1891 Irving Pichel, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actor and director, Mme Butterfly, Oliver Twist
June 24, 1888 Gerrit T Rietveld, Dutch architect, Juliana Hall, Sonsbeek Pavillion
June 24, 1883 Victor Francis Hess, American Physicist
June 24, 1879 Agrippina J Vaganova, Russian ballet dancer
June 24, 1877 Aleksei M Remizov, Russian writer, Iveren
June 24, 1873 Thomas Carl Whitmer, composer
June 24, 1852 Victor Adler, Austrian Foreign minister, 1918
June 24, 1851 Peter S Koyer, Danish painter/sculptor/graphic artist
June 24, 1850 Horatio Herbert Kitchener, England, original Order of Merit member
June 24, 1848 Brooks Adams, U.S. philosopher, Theory of Social Revolutions
June 24, 1847 Gervais Bernard Gaston Salvayre, composer
June 24, 1842 Ambrose Bierce, U.S., satirist, Devil's Dictionary
June 24, 1840 Louis Brassin, composer
June 24, 1839 Gustavus Franklin Swift, founded Swift and Co
June 24, 1838 Gustav von Schmoller, German economist, Lectern Socialism
June 24, 1832 Edward Harland, Brig General Union volunteers, died in 1915
June 24, 1822 Birkett Davenport Fry, Brig General Confederate Army, died in 1891
June 24, 1820 Henry Rootes Jackson, Brig General Confederate Army, died in 1898
June 24, 1813 Henry Ward Beecher, Litchfield, Connecticut, clergyman/orator, Independent
June 24, 1811 John Archibald Campbell, Assistant Secretary War, Confederacy, died in 1889
June 24, 1808 Anna Caroline Oury, composer
June 24, 1804 Stephan L Endlicher, Austrian priest/botanist
June 24, 1803 George James Webb, composer
June 24, 1797 John Hughes, archbishop, founded Fordham University in the Bronx
June 24, 1783 Johann Heinrich von Thunen, economist/geographer/farmer
June 24, 1771 E I Du Pont, France, chemist/scientist, Du Pont
June 24, 1762 Johann Paul Wessely, composer
June 24, 1753 William Hull, American Soldier
June 24, 1747 Johann Melchior Dreyer, composer
June 24, 1746 Jean Baptiste Rochefort, composer
June 24, 1669 Francois van Aerssen, Dutch vice-admiral, Suriname/Algeria
June 24, 1619 Rijcklof Volckertsz van Goens, governor-general, Netherlands East Indies
June 24, 1590 Samuel Ampzing, poet, Taelbericht der Netherlands Spellinge
June 24, 1572 Jan Campanus, composer
June 24, 1561 Rombout Hogerbeets, lawyer/pension minister of Leiden
June 24, 1546 Robert Parsons, English jesuit, A Letter Disclosure
June 24, 1542 Juan de la Cruz, [de Yepes], Spanish Carmelet/poet/saint
June 24, 1499 Johannes Brenz, German theologist, Dutch Brentians
June 24, 1322 Johanna, duchess of Brabant/Limburg, Joyful Entry
June 24, 1244 Hendrik I, the Child, 1st count of Hessen, 1256-1308


Monday, June 23, 2008


June 23, 1997 Dow Jones drops 192.25 pts
June 23, 1996 "Tartuffe: Born Again" closes at Circle in Sq New York City after 29 performances
June 23, 1996 Dottie Pepper wins LPGA Rochester International Golf Tournament
June 23, 1996 Nintendo 64 goes on sale in Japan
June 23, 1994 South Africa reclaims its seat in U.N.
June 23, 1994 Replay shows A's Bobby Witt beat KC's Gagne to 1st in 6th but ump Gary Cedarstrom calls him safe, runing Witt's perfect game
June 23, 1993 Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman) files for divorce from Lawrence Mortorff
June 23, 1993 U.N. authorizes worldwide oil embargo against Haiti
June 23, 1992 "Tin Bigha Day" protest in India of corridor opening to Bangladesh
June 23, 1992 Emmy 19th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 13th time
June 23, 1992 Rabin wins Israeli parliamentary election
June 23, 1991 "Odd Couple" opens and closes at Belasco Theater New York City
June 23, 1991 "Weird Al" Yankovic records "Babalu Music"
June 23, 1991 Beth Daniel wins LPGA McDonald's Golf Championship
June 23, 1991 Mazda becomes 1st Japanese car to capture Le Mans 24 hour race
June 23, 1990 A rally to save Alien Nation from cancellation held at Statue of Liberty
June 23, 1990 Moldavia declares independence
June 23, 1990 Police find marijuana at Chuck Berry's home
June 23, 1990 TV Guide selects Arsenio Hall as TV personality of year
June 23, 1990 Zimbabwe beat the Netherlands by 6 wickets to win ICC Trophy
June 23, 1989 Movie "Batman" premieres
June 23, 1988 Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat begin their NBA expansion draft
June 23, 1988 Yank manager Billy Martin's 5th term ends, Lou Pinella named manager
June 23, 1986 Pedro Morales swims world record 100m butterfly (52.84)
June 23, 1986 Tip O'Neill refuses to let Reagan address House
June 23, 1985 Alice Miller wins LPGA Mayflower Golf Classic
June 23, 1985 Bomb destroys Air India Boeing 747 in air near Ireland, 329 die
June 23, 1985 Laffit Pincay, Jr. becomes 2nd jockey to win $100 million
June 23, 1983 Syria throws out PLO leader Arafat
June 23, 1983 U.S. Supreme Court ruled Congress could not veto presidential decisions
June 23, 1982 "Cleavage" opens and closes at Playhouse Theater New York City
June 23, 1982 -117 degrees F; All time low at South Pole
June 23, 1982 Himmy, of Australia, weighs in at domestic cat record 20.7 kg (45 lb)
June 23, 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act (Public Law 97-200)
June 23, 1982 Mary Hart joins Entertainment Tonight
June 23, 1981 "This Was Burlesque" opens at Princess Theater New York City for 28 performances
June 23, 1981 33 inning game ends, Pawtucket 3, Rochester 2
June 23, 1981 Amanda Maccaro becomes 1st American to win Russian Ballet Competition
June 23, 1981 French government of Mauroy forms, with 4 communists
June 23, 1981 New York City mayor Koch turns down a $7,500 offer to perform comedy
June 23, 1981 Dave Koza scores Marty Barrett with bases-loaded single in bottom of 33rd inning, Pawtucket beats Rochester 3-2
June 23, 1980 "David Letterman Show," debuts on NBC-TV daytime
June 23, 1980 1st solar-powered coast-to-coast two-way radio conversation
June 23, 1980 West German wins European soccer title (2-1 against Belgium)
June 23, 1979 Charlie Daniels Band releases "Devil Went Down to Georgia"
June 23, 1979 Rock group, the Knack releases "My Sharona"
June 23, 1979 West Indies beat England by 92 runs to win Cricket World Cup
June 23, 1978 33rd U.S. Women's Open Golf Championship won by Hollis Stacy
June 23, 1977 13th Mayor's Trophy Game, Mets beat Yanks 6-4
June 23, 1976 CCN Tower in Toronto, tallest free-standing structure, 555 m, opens
June 23, 1975 75th U.S. Golf Open: Lou Graham shoots a 287 at Medinah CC ILL
June 23, 1975 Rocker Alice Cooper falls off stage in Vancouver, breaks 6 ribs
June 23, 1974 1st extraterrestrial message sent from Earth into space
June 23, 1974 20th LPGA Championship won by Sandra Haynie
June 23, 1973 "Cyrano" closes at Palace Theater New York City after 49 performances
June 23, 1973 "Sugar" closes at Majestic Theater New York City after 506 performances
June 23, 1973 Phillies Ken Brett 4th consecutive game HR in which he pitched
June 23, 1972 Hurricane Agnes is costliest natural disaster in American history
June 23, 1972 Nixon and Haldeman agree to use CIA to cover up Watergate
June 23, 1972 President Nixon signs act barring sex discrimination in college sports
June 23, 1971 Phillies Rick Wise no-hits Cincinnati Reds, 4-0
June 23, 1971 WTVP TV channel 47 in Peoria, IL (PBS) begins broadcasting
June 23, 1970 "Red Skelton Show," last airs on CBS-TV, moved to NBC-TV
June 23, 1970 Charles Rangel defeats Adam Clayton Powell in Democratic primary
June 23, 1970 Rocker Chubby Checker arrested for marijuana possession
June 23, 1969 French government of Couve de Murville resigns
June 23, 1969 Joe Frazier TKOs Jerry Quarry in 8 for heavyweight boxing title
June 23, 1969 Warren E. Burger sworn in as Supreme Court Chief Justice
June 23, 1967 Jim Ryun sets mile record (3:51.1, Bakersfield CA)
June 23, 1967 John Entwistle of rock group Who weds Alison Wise
June 23, 1967 Lyndon Baines Johnson and Alexei Kosygin hold 1st of 2 summit meetings in Glassboro, New Jersey
June 23, 1967 U.S. Senate censures Thomas J Dodd (D-Ct) for misusing campaign funds
June 23, 1964 Gen Maxwell Taylor appointed U.S. ambassador in South Vietnam
June 23, 1963 63rd U.S. Golf Open: Julius Boros shoots a 293 at The Country Club Mass
June 23, 1963 Mickey Wright wins LPGA Women's Western Golf Open
June 23, 1963 New York Mets Jimmy Piersall, hits his 100th HR, he circles bases backwards
June 23, 1963 President Kennedy tours West-Europe
June 23, 1962 "Subways Are after Sleeping" closes at St. James New York City after 205 performances
June 23, 1962 Laos Suvanna Phuma forms government
June 23, 1962 Larry Doby, retires from Cleveland Indians to play in Japan
June 23, 1961 Antarctic Treaty goes into effect
June 23, 1961 Cubs Ernie Banks ends his 717 consecutive-games-played streak
June 23, 1961 Phillies overcome 9-0, losing 11-2 they score 4 in 8th and 6 in 9th
June 23, 1961 USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 32,830 m
June 23, 1960 "Pat Boone Show," last airs on ABC-TV
June 23, 1960 Japan signs security treaty with the U.S.
June 23, 1958 Dutch Reformed Church accepts women ministers
June 23, 1958 Fed judge rules race separation must end in 2 years in Little Rock
June 23, 1958 Foundation Praemium Erasmianum (Erasmus Prize) established
June 23, 1956 "Jimmy Durante Show," last airs on NBC-TV
June 23, 1956 "Transfusion" by Nervous Norvous peaks at #8
June 23, 1956 Gamal Abdel Nasser elected president of Egypt
June 23, 1955 Walt Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" released
June 23, 1954 122 degrees F (50 degrees C), Overton, Nevada (state record until June 29, 1994)
June 23, 1953 Patty Berg wins LPGA All-American Women Golf Tournament
June 23, 1952 U.S. airplanes bomb energy centers at Yalu, Korea
June 23, 1951 British diplomats Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean flee to U.S.S.R.
June 23, 1951 Most expensive U.S. hailstorm ($1.5M crop damage and $14M property-Kansas)
June 23, 1950 Swiss parliament refuses voting right for women
June 23, 1950 Yanks and Tigers hit record 11 HRs, Tigers win 10-9
June 23, 1950 Indians' Luke Easter hits longest ball in Cleveland Stadium history, 477 feet, into upper deck, Section 4
June 23, 1949 1st 12 women graduate from Harvard Medical School
June 23, 1949 Dutch Constellation plunge at Bari in sea, 33 die
June 23, 1947 Compton and Bill Edrich make 370 stand for 3rd wkt vs. South Africa
June 23, 1947 Truman's veto of Taft-Hartley Act overridden by congress
June 23, 1945 77th Belmont: Eddie Arcaro aboard Pavot wins in 2:30.2
June 23, 1945 Last organized Japanese defiance broken, Tarakan
June 23, 1944 4 tornadoes strike Appalachia, killing 153
June 23, 1944 Russian offensive in central front sector
June 23, 1944 Thomas Mann becomes a U.S. citizen
June 23, 1943 Dutch artsens protest against nazis
June 23, 1943 RAF discovers Werner von Brauns V1/V2-base in Peenemunde
June 23, 1941 Germany occupies Telz Lithuana
June 23, 1940 Marcel Louette seeks opposition group "White Brigade" on Antwerp
June 23, 1939 Bronko Nagurski beats Lou Thesz in Houston, to become wrestling champ
June 23, 1939 France turns over Sanjak of Alexandretta (Hatay) to Turkey
June 23, 1938 Civil Aeronautics Authority (U.S.) established
June 23, 1938 Marineland opens in Florida-1st aquarium
June 23, 1938 New York City Mayor LaGuardia assigns 21 cops to patrol subway
June 23, 1935 Anthony Eden offers Mussolini, Somalian harbor
June 23, 1933 Don McNeill's Pepper Pot (Breakfast Club) begins 35 year run on NBC
June 23, 1932 Lou Gehrig plays 1,103rd successive game in a New York uniform, equaling Joe Sewell's record with one team (Cleveland)
June 23, 1931 Wiley Post and Harold Catty took off for flight around world
June 23, 1930 Chicago Cubs beat Philadelphia Phillies 21-8
June 23, 1927 Lou Gehrig hits 3 home runs in 11-4 victory over Red Sox
June 23, 1926 8th government of Briand van France forms
June 23, 1926 Commencement of the West Indies' 1st Test cricket match, at Lord's
June 23, 1925 British warship fires on Hong Kong harbor strikers
June 23, 1925 Landslides create 3-mile long "Slide Lake" (Gros Ventre Wyoming)
June 23, 1924 8 month Twenste textile strike ends
June 23, 1922 57th British Golf Open: Walter Hagen shoots a 300 at Royal St. George
June 23, 1919 Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) incorporates
June 23, 1919 Nitti government forms in Italy
June 23, 1918 Boston Red Sox Dutch Leonard's 2nd no-hitter beats Tigers, 5-0
June 23, 1917 31st U.S. Womens Tennis: Molla Mallory beat Marion Vanderhoef (46 60 62)
June 23, 1917 Ammunition factory in Boleweg Bohemia explodes, killing 1,000
June 23, 1917 Ernie Shore replaces Red Sox pitcher Babe Ruth with a runner on, he throws him out and retires all 26 he faces for a perfect game
June 23, 1915 Yanks get record 16 walks and 3 wild pitches beat A's Bruno Hass, 15-0
June 23, 1915 Zeb Turner, country-rock performer (Chew Tobacco Rag)
June 23, 1909 Confessional parties win Dutch parliamentary elections
June 23, 1902 Gioacchino Rossini's unveils monument to Santa-Croce
June 23, 1888 Frederick Douglass is 1st African-American nominated for president
June 23, 1868 Christopher Latham Sholes patents "Type-writer"
June 23, 1865 At Ft. Towson, Gen Stand Watie surrenders last sizeable confed army
June 23, 1863 Tullahoma campaign, Tennessee
June 23, 1860 Congress establishes Government Printing Office
June 23, 1860 U.S. Secret Service created
June 23, 1854 Antwerp-Roosendaal railway goes into use
June 23, 1848 Antoine Joseph Sax patents Saxophone
June 23, 1848 Bloody insurrection of workers in Paris
June 23, 1821 Dutch troops conquer Palembang
June 23, 1810 John Jacob Astor organizes Pacific Fur Co (Astoria, Oregon)
June 23, 1794 Empress Catherine II grants Jews permission to settle in Kiev
June 23, 1784 1st U.S. balloon flight, 13 year old Edward Warren
June 23, 1776 Final draft of Declaration of Independence submitted to U.S. Congress
June 23, 1775 1st regatta held on Thames, England
June 23, 1760 Battle of Landshut Silesia: Austria beats Prussia
June 23, 1757 Robert Clive defeats Indians at Plassey, wins control of Bengal
June 23, 1724 Russia and Turkey sign Treaty of Constantinople
June 23, 1683 William Penn signs friendship treaty with Lenni Lenape indians in Pennsylvania; only treaty "not sworn to, nor broken"
June 23, 1661 Marriage contract for Charles II of England and Catharina of Portugal
June 23, 1658 Dutch troops occupy last Portugese Fort Jafnapatnam Ceylon
June 23, 1611 Henry Hudson set adrift in Hudson Bay by mutineers on his ship Discovery and never seen again
June 23, 1585 Spanish army under Tassis beats Amerongen Staatse troops
June 23, 1532 Henry VIII and Francois I signs secret treaty against emperor Karel V
June 23, 1305 French-Flemish peace treaty signed at Athis-sur-Orge
June 23, 1298 Duke Albrecht von Habsburg chosen Roman Catholic German king
June 23, 1295 Pope Boniface VIII enters Rome
June 23, 930 World's oldest parliament, the Iceland Parliament, established


June 23, 1977 Hayden Foxe, Australian soccer defender, Olyroos, Olympics-96
June 23, 1977 Jason Mraz, American Musician
June 23, 1976 Paola Suarez, born in Pergamino, Argentina, tennis star, 1995 Futures-Buenos Aires
June 23, 1975 Alexander Serikow, born in Landshut, GER, hockey forward, Team Germany
June 23, 1975 Jane Jamieson, Australian heptathlete 1996 Olympics
June 23, 1974 Dontonio Wingfield, NBA forward, Portland Trailblazers
June 23, 1974 Lisa Bamford, born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Miss America-North Carolina 1996
June 23, 1974 Maria Carolina Christina, Princess of Netherlands
June 23, 1974 Mark Hendrickson, NBA forward for the Sacramento Kings
June 23, 1973 Mark Larsen, jockey
June 23, 1972 Cory Schlesinger, NHL running back, Detroit Lions
June 23, 1972 Larry Whigham, NFL safety for the New England Patriots
June 23, 1972 Roell Preston, NFL wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons
June 23, 1972 Selma Blair, American Actress
June 23, 1972 Zinedine Zidane, French Athlete
June 23, 1971 Felix Potvin, Anjou, NHL goalie for the Toronto Maple Leafs
June 23, 1971 Joe Rumolo, CFL defensive linebacker for the Hamilton Tiger Cats
June 23, 1970 A C Earl, NBA center for the Toronto Raptors
June 23, 1970 Kerri Ann Buchberger, born in Russell, Manitoba, volleyballer 1996 Olympics
June 23, 1970 Mike Bartrum, tight end for the New England Patriots
June 23, 1970 Rich Manning, NBA center for the Vancouver Grizzlies
June 23, 1970 Robert Brooks, NFL wide reciever, Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31
June 23, 1970 Roger Knarren, soccer player, MVV
June 23, 1969 Elbert Ellis, NFL wide receiver, Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers
June 23, 1968 Kent Steffes, born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, beach volleyballer, 1996 Olympics gold
June 23, 1968 Ronnie West, WLAF RB for the London Monarchs
June 23, 1967 Derrick Walker, NFL tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs
June 23, 1967 Laurie Wood, born in Orange, California, playmate, March, 1989
June 23, 1966 Barbara Jordan, U.S. softball outfielder, 1996 Olympics gold
June 23, 1966 Chantal Daucourt, born in Bienne, Switzerland, mountain cyclist, world-bronze-95
June 23, 1966 Vladislav Neiman, born in Israel, Men's flyweight boxer, Oly-1996
June 23, 1965 Dawn Whiteham, born in New London, Connecticut, bodybuilder, Penthouse Nov 1995
June 23, 1965 John "Chip" McKibben II, born in Balboa Island, California, rower 1996 Olympics
June 23, 1965 Leith Wastle, Benalla VIC, Australasia golfer
June 23, 1965 Peter O'Malley, Bathurst NSW, Australasia golfer
June 23, 1964 Joey Allen, born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, rock guitarist, Warrant-Cherry Pie
June 23, 1964 Trent Bushey, born in Haverhill, Massachusetts, actor, David Rampal-All My Children
June 23, 1964 Joss Whedon, American Writer
June 23, 1963 Kari Takko, Uusikaupunki FIN, hockey goalie, Team Finland
June 23, 1962 Paul LaGreca, born in Bronx, New York, actor, Big Trouble
June 23, 1962 Richard Coles, rock keyboardist, Communards
June 23, 1961 LaSalle Thompson, NBA forward and center for the Philadelphia 76ers
June 23, 1961 Mark Drillich, Dutch pop bassist, Kong-Slauerhoff
June 23, 1961 David Leavitt, American Novelist
June 23, 1959 Danny Sharp, born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canadian Tour golfer, 1986 Quinte Festival
June 23, 1957 David Houghton, cricketer, Zimbabwe batsman, 266 vs. Sri Lanka 1994
June 23, 1957 Frances McDormand, actress, Fargo, Academy Award
June 23, 1957 Lee John, English singer and actor, Body Talk
June 23, 1955 Debbie Boostrom, born in Peoria, Illinois, playmate, Aug, 1981
June 23, 1955 Glenn Danzig, American Musician
June 23, 1953 Filbert Bayi, born in Karatu, Tanzania, 3k steeplechase 1980 Olympics silver
June 23, 1953 Roberta Leighton, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actress, Ginger-Days of Our Lives
June 23, 1953 Baron Hill, American Politician
June 23, 1952 Robert D. Kaplan, American Journalist
June 23, 1950 Sally Geeson, born in Sussex, England, actress, Bless This House
June 23, 1948 Clarence Thomas, born in Savannah, Georgia, 108th U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1991-
June 23, 1948 Myles Goodwyn, born in Montreal, rock guitarist and vocalist, April Wine
June 23, 1948 Nigel Osborne, composer
June 23, 1947 Bryan Brown, born in Sydney, actor, F/X, Gorillas in the Mist, Kim, Tai-Pan
June 23, 1946 Russ Thacker, born in Washington D.C., producer, Golden Seal
June 23, 1946 Ted Shackelford, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, actor, Gary-Dallas, Knots Landing
June 23, 1945 K B Wilson, methodist Preacher/Principal, Westminster College Oxford
June 23, 1945 Paul Goddard, born in Georgia, rock bassist, Atlanta Rhythm Section
June 23, 1944 Rosetta Hightower, U.S. singer, Don't Hang Up
June 23, 1943 James Levine, musical conductor, Tosca, /dir, Metropolitan Opera
June 23, 1943 Vinton Cerf, American Inventor
June 23, 1940 Adam Faith, born in England, singer, Poor Me, What Do You Want?
June 23, 1940 Alexander Irvine, Lord Chanceller of U.K., 1997-
June 23, 1940 Diana Trask, Australia, singer, Sing Along With Mitch
June 23, 1940 Mike Shrimpton, cricketer, occasional NZ Test batsman 1963-74
June 23, 1940 Simon Hobday, born in Mareking, South Africa, PGA golfer, 1994 U.S. Senior Open
June 23, 1940 Stuart Sutcliffe, Edinburgh Scotland, rocker, Beatles
June 23, 1940 Wilma Rudolph, born in St. Bethlehem, Tennessee, runner, Olympic-3 gold-1960
June 23, 1936 Berend Boudewijn [van der Woude], Dutch TV host/director, Baantjer
June 23, 1935 Gyorgy Karpati, born in Hungary, water polo, Olympics gold 1952, 56, 64
June 23, 1933 Bert Convy, born in St. Louis, Missouri, game show host, Win, Lose or Draw
June 23, 1933 Dave Bristol, American Celebrity
June 23, 1932 Bob Blair, cricketer, NZ pace bowler in 19 Tests in 50s
June 23, 1931 Urs Jaeggi, writer
June 23, 1930 Donn Fulton Eisele, born in Columbus, Ohio, Col USAF/astronaut, Apollo 7
June 23, 1929 Dave King, born in Twickenham, England, comedian, Kraft Music Hall
June 23, 1929 Henri Pousseur, born in Malmedy, Belgium, composer, Homo Habitis
June 23, 1929 June Carter Cash, born in Maces Spring, Virginia, country singer, Johnny Cash Show
June 23, 1929 June Carter, American Musician
June 23, 1927 Bob Fosse, born in Chicago, Illinois, choreographer/director, Cabaret, Damn Yankees
June 23, 1926 Lars Johan Werle, composer
June 23, 1925 Amada Galvez Santos Ocampo, composer
June 23, 1925 Art Modell, owner, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Modells Stores
June 23, 1925 Richard Barber, cricketer, scored 12 and 5 in only Test NZ vs. WI 1956
June 23, 1922 Francis Thorne, born in Bay Shore, New York, composer, Burlesque Overture
June 23, 1922 Leonard Dorfman, horse trainer
June 23, 1921 Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, 1964-
June 23, 1920 Paul Des Marais, composer
June 23, 1917 Sid Watters, Jr., horse trainer
June 23, 1916 Irene Worth, born in Nebraska, actress, Nicolas and Alexandra
June 23, 1916 Len Hutton, cricketer, England opener, 364 vs. Australia The Oval 1938
June 23, 1915 Dennis Price, born in Twyford, England, actor, Adventurers, Millionairess
June 23, 1913 Jacques Rabemananjara, Hungarian author/vice-president, Antsa
June 23, 1913 Molly Harris, actress/writer, Immortal
June 23, 1913 William P. Rogers, born in Norfolk, New York, U.S. Secretary of State, 1969-73
June 23, 1912 Alan Turing, mathematician/pioneer in computer theory, Turing Machine
June 23, 1912 Maurice Dallimore, born in England, actor, Collector, Lad: A Dog
June 23, 1911 David Ogilvy, advertising whiz, Ogilvy and Mathers
June 23, 1910 Jean Anouilh, born in France, dramatist, Thieves' Carnival
June 23, 1910 Edward P. Morgan, American Journalist
June 23, 1908 Paulus Akkerman, [Paul fen Nijenborn], Frisian writer, Each om Each
June 23, 1907 James Meade, English Economist
June 23, 1906 Wolfgang Koeppen, writer
June 23, 1904 Carleton Coon, prof of anthropology, What in the World
June 23, 1904 Quintin McMillan, cricketer, South African leg spinner 1929-32
June 23, 1904 Willie Mae "Mother" Smith, gospel singer/evangelist folk artist
June 23, 1903 Anthony Veiller, born in New York City, writer, Night of Iguana, Moulin Rouge
June 23, 1903 Hans C. Branner, Danish writer, Toys, Horse Rider
June 23, 1902 Howard T. Engstrom, born in Boston, computer designer, Univac
June 23, 1901 Mariel-Henri Jaspar, Belgian minister/ambassador
June 23, 1901 Paul Verhoeven, born in Unna, Germany, director, 4th Man, Basic Instinct
June 23, 1899 Alexander Moiseyevich Veprik, composer
June 23, 1898 Winifred Holtby, English Novelist
June 23, 1897 Winifred Wagner-William, German organizer, Wagner Festival
June 23, 1894 Alfred Kinsey, entomologist/sexologist, Kinsey Report
June 23, 1894 Edward VIII, King of Great Brit/N-Ireland/emperor of India, 1936
June 23, 1894 King Edward VIII, English Royalty
June 23, 1893 Donald McBride, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Mr Clyde-My Friend Irma
June 23, 1892 Able Kiviat, U.S., runner, Olympics gold 1912
June 23, 1892 Edmund Cobb, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, western actor, Comanche Territory
June 23, 1892 Mieczyslaw Horszowski, Polish/US pianist
June 23, 1889 Anna Akhmatova, Russian Poet
June 23, 1888 Anna Achmatova, [AA Gorenko], Russian conductor, Tsjetki
June 23, 1888 Lee Moran, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Circus Clown
June 23, 1887 Ernst Rowohlt, German publisher, Rowohlt-Verlag
June 23, 1887 John Finley Williamson, Canton Ohio, conductor, Westminster Choir
June 23, 1884 Werner Krauss, born in Germany, actor, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Joyless Street
June 23, 1879 William Ewart Berry, 1st viscount Camrose/English nobleman
June 23, 1877 Blair Fairchild, composer
June 23, 1877 Hermann Stephani, composer
June 23, 1876 Irvin S Cobb, Kentucky, writer/humorist, Old Judge Priest
June 23, 1876 Irvin S. Cobb, American Journalist
June 23, 1875 Carl Milles, Uppsala Sweden, fountain sculptor, Wedding of Rivers
June 23, 1859 Florentinus M Wibaut, Amsterdams social alderman, building of houses
June 23, 1858 William Ernst Johnson, born in Cambridge, England, mathematician
June 23, 1855 Maude Valerie White, composer
June 23, 1852 Stephane Raoul Pugno, composer
June 23, 1848 Antoine Joseph Sax, inventor, saxophone
June 23, 1846 George Sax, inventor, saxophone
June 23, 1838 Edwin Henry Stoughton, Brig General Union volunteers, died in 1868
June 23, 1837 Ernest Guiraud, composer
June 23, 1824 Carl Heinrich Carsten Reinecke, composer
June 23, 1822 Young Marshall Moody, Brig General Confederate Army, died in 1866
June 23, 1818 Simon Vissering, Dutch economist/minister of Finances, 1879-81
June 23, 1810 Franziska"Fanny" Elssler, Austrian ballerina
June 23, 1801 Daniel Smith Donelson, Major General Confederate Army, died in 1863
June 23, 1774 Matthijs Siegenbeek, Dutch linguist, spelling
June 23, 1763 Josephine Martiniques, empress of France, 1804-14
June 23, 1749 Konrad Back, composer
June 23, 1668 Giambattista Vico, Italian Philosopher
June 23, 1612 Justus G Schottel, [Schottelius], German poet
June 23, 1540 Johann Baptista Serranus, composer
June 23, 1160 Johannes de Matha, French saint/founder, Trinitarians

Sunday, June 22, 2008


June 22, 2002 Earthquake kills at least 260 in western Iran
June 22, 1997 Ernie Els wins golf's Buick Classic
June 22, 1997 Nationwide Senior Golf Championship
June 22, 1997 Penny Hammel wins LPGA Rochester International
June 22, 1997 World Bowl: Barcelona Dragon beat Rhein Fire, 38-24
June 22, 1996 29th Curtis Cup: Great Britain and Ireland, 11 -6
June 22, 1996 Michael Moorer beats Axel Shultz in 11 for IBF heavywgt boxing title
June 22, 1996 Saurav Ganguly scores 131 at Lord's on Test cricket debut
June 22, 1994 48th NBA Championship: Houston Rockets beat New York Knicks, 4 games to 3
June 22, 1994 Ken Griffey, Jr. breaks Ruth's record for most home runs by end of June (31)
June 22, 1994 Mets reliever John Franco sets lefty save mark at 253
June 22, 1994 U.S. beats Colombia 2-1 in 1994 soccer world cup (1st win since 1950)
June 22, 1993 New York Met Anthony Young ties record of 23rd straight lose
June 22, 1992 2 skeletons excavated in Yekaterinburg ID'ed as Czar Nicholas II and wife
June 22, 1992 Supreme Court rules hate crime laws violated free-speech rights
June 22, 1991 "I Hate Hamlet" closes at Walter Kerr Theater New York City after 88 performances
June 22, 1991 Quebec Nordiques pick Eric Lindros #1 at NHL entry draft
June 22, 1991 Underwater volcano, Mount Didicas, erupts in Philippines
June 22, 1990 Billy Joel performs a concert at Yankee Stadium
June 22, 1990 Braves replace manager Russ Nixon with GM Bobby Cox
June 22, 1990 Florida passes a law prohibits wearing a throng bathing suit
June 22, 1990 Longest game in Toronto, Yanks beat Blue Jays 8-7 in 15 inns
June 22, 1987 Tom Seaver retires after 3rd try with New York Mets
June 22, 1986 Judy Dickinson wins LPGA Rochester Golf International
June 22, 1986 Spain's premier Gonzalez' Socialist Party wins elections
June 22, 1985 "Grind" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater New York City after 79 performances
June 22, 1985 "Smuggler's Blues" by Glenn Frey peaks at #12
June 22, 1984 Calvin Griffith signs letter of intent to sell ownership of Twins
June 22, 1984 Carl Pohlad becomes CEO of Minnesota Twins
June 22, 1984 Jolande van de Meer swims Dutch record 800 m freestyle (8:39.30)
June 22, 1984 Joseph Luns resigns as Secretary-General of NATO
June 22, 1983 "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life," released in France
June 22, 1983 1st time a satellite is retrieved from orbit, by Space Shuttle
June 22, 1983 NHL institutes a 5 minute sudden death overtime period
June 22, 1982 Manhattan institutes bus-only lanes
June 22, 1982 Pete Rose gets his 3,772nd hit, moves past Aaron into 2nd place
June 22, 1982 Prince Chuck and Lady Di take Prince William home from hospital
June 22, 1982 Susan Lea Hammett, of Miss, 18, crowned 25th America's Junior Miss
June 22, 1981 2 Habash terrorists attack a travel agency in Greece killing 2
June 22, 1981 Iran president Bani Sadr deposed
June 22, 1981 John McEnroe exhibits a disgraceful act of misbehavior at Wimbledon
June 22, 1981 Mark David Chapman pleads guilty to killing John Lennon
June 22, 1980 Jim King begins riding Miracle Strip Roller coaster 368 hours
June 22, 1980 Joanne Carner wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
June 22, 1979 Larry Holmes TKOs Mike Weaver in 12 for heavyweight boxing title
June 22, 1979 Little Richard quits rock and roll for religious pursuit
June 22, 1979 Pro Football Researchers Association forms, Canton, Ohio
June 22, 1978 James Christy's discovery of Pluto's moon Charon announced
June 22, 1978 Neo-Nazis call off plans to march in Jewish community of Skokie, Illinois
June 22, 1977 Former AG John Mitchell starts 19 months in Alabama prison
June 22, 1977 Walt Disney's "Rescuers" released
June 22, 1976 "Godspell" opens at Broadhurst Theater New York City for 527 performances
June 22, 1976 San Diego Padre pitcher Randy Jones ties record of 68 innings without a walk
June 22, 1975 Betsy Cullen wins LPGA Hoosier Golf Classic
June 22, 1973 Dutch High Council stops fluorine addition to drink water
June 22, 1973 George Harrison releases "Living in the Material World"
June 22, 1973 Skylab 2's astronauts land
June 22, 1972 "Man of La Mancha" opens at Beaumont Theater New York City for 140 performances
June 22, 1970 President Nixon signs 26th amendment, voting age lowered to 18
June 22, 1970 Supreme Court ruled juries of less than 12 are constitutional
June 22, 1970 WSWO TV channel 26 in Springfield, OH (ABC) suspends broadcasting
June 22, 1969 Cleveland's Cuyahgo River catches fire
June 22, 1969 Susie Berning wins LPGA Pabst Ladies' Golf Classic
June 22, 1968 "Here Come Da Judge" by The Buena Vistas peaks at #88
June 22, 1966 "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" opens
June 22, 1965 Freddie Trueman ends his Test cricket career, vs. NZ at Lord's
June 22, 1963 "Little" Stevie Wonder (13) releases "Fingertips"
June 22, 1962 1st test flight of Hoovercraft
June 22, 1962 French Boeing 707 crashes at Guadeloupe, 113 killed
June 22, 1961 Moise Tsjombe freed from prison in Congo
June 22, 1961 Beatles record Aint She Sweet, Cry for a Shadow, When the Saints Go Marching In, Why, Nobody's Child and My Bonnie, in Hamburg
June 22, 1959 "Along Came Jones" by Coasters peaks at #9
June 22, 1959 "Class" by Chubby Checker peaks at #38
June 22, 1959 Eddie Lubanski bowls 2 consecutive perfect games
June 22, 1959 Most Phillies strike out in a game (16 by Sandy Koufax)
June 22, 1959 Shunryu Suzuki completes his historical Japan to San Francisco voyage
June 22, 1958 Game in Kansas City between A's and Red Sox delayed 29 minutes due to tornado
June 22, 1958 Patty Berg wins LPGA Western Golf Open
June 22, 1955 Antonio Segni forms government in Italy
June 22, 1955 U.S. air patrol plane shot down above Bering sea
June 22, 1954 Congress passes revised organic act for Virgin Islands
June 22, 1951 Gene Rayburn and Dee Finch show premieres on NBC radio
June 22, 1949 Ezzard Charles beats Jersey Joe Walcott in 15 for hw boxing title
June 22, 1947 Ewell Blackwell just misses pitching back-to-back no-hitters (9th inn)
June 22, 1946 Alec Bedser takes 7-49 vs. India on 1st day of his 1st Test cricket
June 22, 1946 Bill Veeck purchases Cleveland Indians
June 22, 1944 British 14th army frees Imphal Assam
June 22, 1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt signs "GI Bill of Rights", Servicemen's Readjustment Act
June 22, 1944 Longest shut out in Phillies history, Phils beat Braves 1-0 in 15 inn
June 22, 1944 Boston Brave Jim Tobin 2nd no-hitter of yr beats Phils, 7-0 in 5 inn
June 22, 1943 WEB DuBois becomes 1st Black member of National Institute of Letters
June 22, 1942 Japanese submarine in mouth of Columbia River, Oregon
June 22, 1942 Jewish Brigade attached by British Army in WW II, forms
June 22, 1941 Estonians starts armed resistance against Soviet occupation
June 22, 1941 Germany attacks the Soviet Union and occupies the Baltic states
June 22, 1941 Germany, Italy and Romania declares war on Soviet Union during WW II
June 22, 1941 Michael Gerasimov opens grave of Tamerlan "Lenk"
June 22, 1940 France falls to Nazi Germany; armistice signed, France disarms
June 22, 1940 SS rounds up 31 German/Polish/Dutch Jews in Roermond Neth
June 22, 1939 Future Queen Elizabeth of England meets future husband Philip
June 22, 1938 Joe Louis KOs Max Schmeling at 2:04 of 1st round at Yankee Stadium
June 22, 1937 Joe Louis KOs James J. Braddock in 18 for heavyweight boxing title
June 22, 1936 Harry Froboess dives 110 m from airship into Bodensee and survives
June 22, 1936 Virgin Islands receives a constitution from U.S., Organic Act
June 22, 1933 German social-democratic party, SPD, forbidden
June 22, 1932 NL, finally approves players wearing numbers
June 22, 1931 RVU, Radio-Volks-University, forms
June 22, 1930 Lou Gehrig hits 3 home runs in a game, Ruth hits 3 in doubleheader
June 22, 1929 Mel Ott (Giants) homers off Leo Sweetland (Phillies) in doubleheader
June 22, 1926 Cardinals pick up 39-year-old Grover Alexander on waivers from Cubs
June 22, 1925 Spain and France fight Morocco
June 22, 1921 Paavo Nurmi runs world record 10,000m (30:40.2)
June 22, 1918 32nd U.S. Womens Tennis: Molla Bjurstedt Mallory beats E E Goss (64 63)
June 22, 1918 Circus train rammed by troop train kills 68, Ivanhoe, Illinois
June 22, 1915 BMT, then Brooklyn Rapid Transit, begins subway service
June 22, 1911 King George V of England crowned
June 22, 1910 1st Zeppelin with passengers sets afloat
June 22, 1906 Hakon VII crowned king of Norway
June 22, 1894 Harry Houdini marries Bessie Rahner
June 22, 1893 British fleet under vice-admiral George Tryon leaves Beirut
June 22, 1889 Louisville Colonels set ML baseball record with 26th consecutive loss
June 22, 1875 Garonne Flood: great damage in Verdun and Toulouse, kills about 1,000
June 22, 1874 Dr. Andrew T Sill, of Macon Missouri, finds science of osteopathy
June 22, 1874 Game of lawn tennis introduced
June 22, 1873 Prince Edward Island joins Canada
June 22, 1870 1st Boardwalk in America invented
June 22, 1870 Congress creates Department of Justice
June 22, 1868 Arkansas re-enters U.S.
June 22, 1865 1st class cricket debut of Dr. W. G. Grace
June 22, 1864 Battle of Ream's Station, Virginia, Wilson's Raid
June 22, 1864 Skirmish at Culp's (Kulp's) House, Georgia
June 22, 1851 Fire destroys part of San Francisco
June 22, 1849 Stephen C. Massett opens courthouse using only piano in California
June 22, 1848 Barnburners (anti-slavery) party nominates Martin Van Buren for Pres
June 22, 1847 Doughnut created
June 22, 1832 John Howe patents pin manufacturing machine
June 22, 1815 2nd abdication of Napoleon (after Waterloo)
June 22, 1814 1st match at the present Lord's, MCC vs. Herefordshire
June 22, 1812 Napoleon's Grand Army invades Russia
June 22, 1808 Zebulon Pike reaches his peak
June 22, 1807 British board USS Chesapeake, a provocation leading to War of 1812
June 22, 1799 England and Russia decide to invade Bataafse Republic
June 22, 1775 1st Continental currency issued ($3,000,000)
June 22, 1774 English parliament accepts Quebec Act
June 22, 1772 Slavery outlawed in England
June 22, 1745 Bonnie Prince Charles sails to Scotland
June 22, 1740 King Frederik II of Prussia ends torture and guarantees religion and freedom of the press
June 22, 1675 Royal Greenwich Observatory established in England by Charles II
June 22, 1633 Galileo Galilei forced to recant Earth orbits Sun by Pope (but on Oct 31, 1992, Vatican admits it was wrong)
June 22, 1611 Henry Hudson and son set adrift in Hudson Bay by mutineers
June 22, 1596 Cornelis de Houtmans fleet reaches Banten Java
June 22, 1559 Jewish quarter of Prague burned and looted
June 22, 1533 Ferdinand of Austria and Sultan Suleiman sign peace treaty
June 22, 1497 Antitax insurrection in Cornwall suppressed at Blackheath
June 22, 1476 Battle at Morat/Murten: Charles the Stout invades Switzerland
June 22, 1377 Richard II succeeds Edward III as king of England
June 22, 1342 Bilbo Baggins returns to his home at Bag End, (Shire Reconning)
June 22, 816 Pope Stephen IV, [V] elected to succeed Leo III
June 22, 431 Council of Ephesus (3rd ecumenical council) opens


June 22, 1981 Lisa Moro, Victoria Australia, gymnast 1996 Olympics
June 22, 1977 Jai Rodriguez, American Actor
June 22, 1974 Mark Wetges, Walnut Creek California, field hockey midfielder 1996 Olympics
June 22, 1974 Nicole Juvan, Essex Junction Vermont, Miss America-Vermont 1997
June 22, 1973 Benjamin Fairbrother, CFL offensive tackle for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
June 22, 1973 Cory Alexander, NBA guard for the San Antonio Spurs
June 22, 1973 Lacy Goranson, born in Evanston, Indiana, actress, Becky-Roseanne
June 22, 1973 Carson Daly, American Entertainer
June 22, 1971 Brant Brown, born in Porterville, California, infielder for the Chicago Cubs
June 22, 1971 Laryssa Biesenthal, born in Walkertown Ontario, rower 1996 Olympics
June 22, 1971 Mary Lynn Rajskub, American Actress
June 22, 1970 Anne "Annie" Summertime Kakela, U.S. rower, Olympics-4th-96
June 22, 1970 David Frisch, NFL tight end for the New England Patriots
June 22, 1970 Rastko Cvetkovic, NBA center for the Denver Nuggets
June 22, 1969 Derek Russell, NFL wide receiver, Houston/Tennessee Oilers
June 22, 1968 Darrell Armstrong, NBA guard, Orlando Magic
June 22, 1968 Paula Irvine, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Lily Blake-Santa Barbara
June 22, 1967 Al Carlay, born in Manila, Philippines, U.S. fencer-foil 1996 Olympics
June 22, 1967 Eric Green, NFL tight end, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens
June 22, 1967 Mark van Hintum, soccer player, Willem II
June 22, 1966 Camille Benjamin, born in Cleveland, Ohio, tennis star
June 22, 1966 Euan Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, English baron/multi-millionaire
June 22, 1966 Meyrick Pringle, cricket pace bowler, South African
June 22, 1966 Paul Randolph, CFL linebacker, Montreal Alouettes
June 22, 1965 Tommy Cunningham, rocker, Wet Wet Wet-Wishing I Was
June 22, 1965 Uwe Boll, German Director
June 22, 1964 Amy Brenneman, born in New London, Connecticut, actress, Janice-NYPD Blue
June 22, 1964 Greg Anderson, NBA forward and center, San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Hawks
June 22, 1964 Kevin Sargeant, rocker, Thrashing Doves-Reprobate's Hymm
June 22, 1964 Mark Royals, NFL punter, New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions
June 22, 1964 Mike Edwards, British rock vocalist, Jesus Jones-Devil you Know
June 22, 1964 Nico Jalink, Dutch soccer player, Sparta, NAC
June 22, 1964 Dan Brown, American Author
June 22, 1963 Anne-Marie Ruddock, rocker, Amazulu-Excitable
June 22, 1963 Randy Couture, born in Everett, Washington, 198 lbs greco-roman wrestler, Olymp-96
June 22, 1962 Clyde "Glide" Drexler, NBA Guard, Houston Rockets, Port Trailblazers
June 22, 1962 Ruby Turner, rocker, No Where to Run
June 22, 1962 Stephen Chow, Chinese Actor
June 22, 1962 Nicholas Lea, Canadian Actor
June 22, 1961 Bobby Gillespie, rocker, Primal Scream
June 22, 1961 Jimmy Somerville, born in Glasgow, Soctland, rocker, Bronski Beat, Communards
June 22, 1960 Colleen Devine, born in San Gabriel, California, actress, Irreconcilable Differences
June 22, 1960 Tracy Pollan, born in New York City, actress, Family Ties, /aka Mrs. Michael J Fox
June 22, 1958 Bruse Campbell, actor, Army of Darkness
June 22, 1958 Bruce Campbell, American Actor
June 22, 1957 Garry Beers, born in Sydney, Australia, rocker, Inxs-Kiss the Dirt
June 22, 1957 John Ryder, rock bassist, Face To Face
June 22, 1957 Nick Santagata, jockey
June 22, 1956 Derek Forbes, rocker, Simple Minds-Water Front
June 22, 1956 Green [Gartside], rock vocalist, Scritti Politti-Flesh and Blood
June 22, 1956 Tim Russ, born in Washington D.C., actor, Tuvoc-Star Trek Voyager
June 22, 1955 LeAnn Cassaday, LPGA golfer
June 22, 1954 Amparo Munoz, Malgra Spain, Miss Universe, 1974
June 22, 1954 Bobby Valentino, rocker, Fabulous Poodles
June 22, 1954 Charles T. Canady, Rep-R-Florida
June 22, 1954 Freddie Prinze, New York City, comedian/actor, Chico and the Man
June 22, 1950 Murphy Cross, born in Harve de Grace, Maryland, actor, Phyl and Mikhy, Perfect
June 22, 1949 Alan Osmond, born in Ogden, Utah, singer, Osmond Brothers, Donnie and Marie
June 22, 1949 Gary Moffet, born in Montreal, rock guitarist, April Wine
June 22, 1949 Larry Junstrom, rock bassist, .38 Special
June 22, 1949 Lindsay Wagner, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Bionic Woman, Paper Chase, Nighthawks
June 22, 1949 Meryl Streep, born in New Jersey, actress, French Lieutenant's Woman, Sophie's Choice
June 22, 1948 "Pistol" Pete Maravich, NBA star for the Atlanta Hawks
June 22, 1948 Nolan Clarke, cricketer, Barbados bat 1970-77, later Holland stalwart
June 22, 1948 Sue Roberts, LPGA golfer
June 22, 1948 Todd Rundgren, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, singer/guitarist, Hello it's Me
June 22, 1947 David L. Lander, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Squiggy-Laverne and Shirley
June 22, 1947 Don Henley, drummer/singer, Eagles, Boys of Summer
June 22, 1947 Murray Webb, cricketer, NZ fast bowler in 3 Tests, 4 wkts at 117 75
June 22, 1947 Octavia E[stelle] Butler, U.S., sci-fi author, Hugo, Wild Seed
June 22, 1947 Octavia Butler, American Writer
June 22, 1945 Howard Kaylan, rocker, Flo and Eddie/Turtles-Happy Together, Eleanor
June 22, 1944 Klaus Maria Brandauer, born in Austria, actor, Mephisto, Out of Africa
June 22, 1944 Michael Obst, German FR, coxsman 1960 Olympics gold
June 22, 1944 Peter Asher, born in London, singer, Peter and Gordon-World Without Love
June 22, 1944 Steve Weber, guitarist, Rounders-Holy "Boobs" Modal
June 22, 1943 Jimmy Castor, born in New York City, rocker/sax, Troglodyte, Jimmy Castor Bunch
June 22, 1943 Brit Hume, American Journalist
June 22, 1942 Margreet M H Kamp, Dutch MP, VVD
June 22, 1942 Toyohiro Akiyama, born in Japan, cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-11
June 22, 1941 Ed Bradley, born in Philadelphia, CBS news correspondent, 60 Minutes
June 22, 1941 Michael Lerner, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, 8 Men Out, Harlem Nights
June 22, 1940 Abbas Kiarostami, author/director, Under the Olive Trees, Close Up
June 22, 1938 Andrew Brown, film Producer
June 22, 1936 Kris Kristofferson, born in Brownsville, Texas, singer and actor, Amerika, Millenium
June 22, 1936 Verne Allison, singer, Dells-Open Up My Heart
June 22, 1935 V V Kumar, cricketer, useful Madras leggie who only played 2 Tests
June 22, 1934 Arthur Miller, legal reporter
June 22, 1933 Dianne Feinstein, 1st female mayor of San Francisco, Sen-D-Ca
June 22, 1932 Michael Horvit, composer
June 22, 1932 Amrish Puri, Indian Actor
June 22, 1931 Henk Vonhoff, Dutch politician, VVD
June 22, 1929 Ralph Waite, born in White Plains, New York, actor, Cool Hand Luke, 5 Easy Piece
June 22, 1929 Bruce Kent, British Activist
June 22, 1926 Ruth Zechlin, composer
June 22, 1923 Jimmy Cameron, cricketer, brother of John WI batsman 1948-49
June 22, 1922 Bill Blass, born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, fashion designer, Nancy Reagan
June 22, 1921 Barbara F Vucanovich, Rep-R-NV, 1983-
June 22, 1921 Gower Champion, choreographer, 42nd Street, Showboat
June 22, 1921 Joseph Papp, born in Brooklyn, stage producer/director, Pirates of Penzance
June 22, 1920 Chandrasekhar Sarwate, cricketer, batted in 9 Tests for India 1946-52
June 22, 1920 Gladys Marea Hartman, athletics Administrator
June 22, 1920 Paul Frees, born in Chicago, Illinois, animation voice, Bullwinkle
June 22, 1914 Lilo Hardel, writer
June 22, 1913 Wladyslaw Sila-Nowicki, Poland, lawyer, Solidarity
June 22, 1912 Vit Nejedly, composer
June 22, 1911 Guus Jansen, jazz pianist, Net als Toen
June 22, 1911 Marie Philipsen-Braun, swimmer 1928 Olympics gold
June 22, 1910 Peter Pears, Farnham England, tenor, Death in Venice
June 22, 1910 Konrad Zuse, German Inventor
June 22, 1909 Katherine Dunham, dancer and choreographer, Casbah, Stormy Weather
June 22, 1909 Mike Todd, [Avrom Goldbogen], U.S. director, 80 days
June 22, 1908 George Armin Goyder, businessman/social philosopher
June 22, 1906 Anne Morrow Lindbergh, author/aviator, Charles' wife
June 22, 1906 Billy Wilder, Vienna, director, Some Like It Hot, Apartment, Stalag 17
June 22, 1906 Richard Fanshawe, England, equestion 3 day event, Olympic-bronze-1936
June 22, 1906 Gilbert Highet, Scottish Writer
June 22, 1905 Walter Leigh, composer
June 22, 1903 Carl Hubbell, pitcher for the New York Giants-253 wins, 2.97 lifetime ERA
June 22, 1903 Ben Pollack, American Musician
June 22, 1902 Arnold J d'Ailly, dir, Nederlandsche Bank, /mayor, Amsterdam, 1946-56
June 22, 1902 David Burns, actor, Music Man, Hello Dolly!
June 22, 1901 Jack Whiting, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actor/singer, Marge and Gower Champion Show
June 22, 1901 Naunton Wayne, Wales, actor, Quartet, Hidden Room, Double Confession
June 22, 1900 Jennie Tourel, St. Petersburg Russia, mezzo-soprano, Met Opera 1943-47
June 22, 1899 Dorothy Devore, Ft. Worth, Texas, actress, Narrow Street, Senior Daredevil
June 22, 1899 Michal Kalecki, Polish economist
June 22, 1898 Erich Maria Remarque, novelist, All Quiet on the Western Front
June 22, 1898 R M Remarque, writer
June 22, 1897 Norbert Elias, English/Dutch philosopher, Process of Civilization
June 22, 1896 Francis C Denebrink, U.S. Naval officer, WW I, WW II, Korea
June 22, 1893 Aaro A. Hellaakoski, Finnish geographer/poet, Jaapeili
June 22, 1893 Osvald Chlubna, composer
June 22, 1891 Franz de Backer, Flemish writer, White Enemy
June 22, 1891 Harry Seymour, New York, actor, Boy Meets Girl, Tenderfoot
June 22, 1887 Albert PAA Besnard, Dutch poet/journalist, Uprising and Remorse
June 22, 1887 Julian S Huxley, London, biologist/philosopher, Darwin's Bulldog
June 22, 1883 Jose Rolon, composer
June 22, 1883 John Bracken, Canadian Politician
June 22, 1882 Jan H F Gronloh, "Nescio", Dutch writer, De Uitvreter, Titiaantjes
June 22, 1869 Hendrikus Colijn, Dutch premier, AR 1933-39
June 22, 1864 Hermann Minkowski, German mathematician
June 22, 1859 Frank Heino Damrosch, author/musician/teacher, found Inst of Music
June 22, 1856 Henry Rider Haggard, author, King Solomon's Mine, She, Dawn
June 22, 1856 H. Rider Haggard, English Writer
June 22, 1855 Sam Morris, Hobart, cricketer, Barbados parents only black Aus player
June 22, 1849 Stephen C Massett opens at courthouse as 1st pro entertainer
June 22, 1840 Ernest Debes, German cartographer, Baedeker
June 22, 1837 Paul Morphy, New Orleans, greatest chess player of all time, 1857-61
June 22, 1830 Theodor Leschetizky, composer
June 22, 1824 Frederic Louis Ritter, composer
June 22, 1805 Giuseppe Mazzini, Italian revolutionary, Il Apostolato Popolare
June 22, 1796 Nikoli A. Poveloi, Russian writer/publisher, Sotsjinenija,
June 22, 1767 Wilhelm von Humboldt, German Educator
June 22, 1763 Etienne-Nicolas Mehul, French organist/opera composer, Le Jeune Henri
June 22, 1757 George Vancouver, surveyed Pacific coast from San Francisco to Vancouver I
June 22, 1742 Heinrich Gottfried Reichard, composer
June 22, 1741 Alois Luigi Tomasini, composer
June 22, 1738 Jacques Delille, French Poet
June 22, 1732 Johann Baptiste Hagenauer, Austrian sculptor, Mariensaule
June 22, 1701 Nikolaj Eigtved, Danish architect, Christiansborg Castle
June 22, 1684 Francesco Onofrio Manfredini, composer
June 22, 1674 Eugene J P, Earl of Merode, Belgian marquis of Westerloo
June 22, 1613 Lambert Pietkin, composer
June 22, 1611 Pablo Bruna, composer
June 22, 1478 Philips de Schone, Archduke of Austrian/King of Castilia, Philips I